International moving: these are the things you should not forget


It’s time to go out and explore the outside world. Away from Switzerland into this new adventure. Many of us have the fairytale fantasy of a new country where we can build a house and be relieved of all troubles. But until then, there are a few things you have to consider before you can leave the country. International moving: These are the things you must not forget.

Unfortunately the process of moving out does not go as fast as we would like it to. It can take up to two years until you have all the necessary paperwork. That is why it is important to have previously considered in depth why you actually want to leave. Is it only the beautiful pictures in the travel guide or do you have the right reasons to move to a new home.

These are the most important papers to arrange for an international move:

  • A valid identity card is mandatory. It is advisable that it remains valid for a few more years
  • Birth certificate: This document is essential for a settlement in a foreign country.
  • Marriage certificate: If available, this document also is one of the necessary documents.
  • Visa: In order to enter a country and stay there for a longer period of time, a visa has to be obtained from the corresponding authorities. In addition, in some countries a work permit must be acquired.
  • Translate job references: References, university degrees etc. should be translated in English at least, otherwise it could be difficult to find a job. It is best to look for a new job in your new place of residence before you leave Switzerland.
  • Driving licence: When abroad, the identity card with the white cross is no longer sufficient, an international driving licence is required. You can apply for this at the Strassenverkerhsamt.

Organize an international move yourself?

It is relatively easy to move to the other side of the border within Europe. The only thing that needs to be done are the customs documents between Switzerland and the EU. The so-called moving goods are noted there.

It gets more complicated when you are looking for a new home outside the EU. Each country has its own regulations, which you can find out about at the relevant consulate.

Meanwhile there are companies that are specialized in such moves. They save you the stress of the paperwork and take over this task for you. This is usually not very cheap, but it saves a lot of stress.


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