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Moving to Basel is now very easy. Located at the border triangle, Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland and the second-largest economic centre after Zurich. Basel on the Rhine is home to large companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, many students are attracted to Basel when searching for affordable housing in the university city.

Moving to Basel

Basel is divided into 19 districts. On the left bank of the Rhine are the districts of St. Johann, Iselin, Gotthelf, Bachletten, Am Ring, Vorstädte, Old town Grossbasel, Gundeldingen, St. Alban and Bruderholz. The Kleinhüningen, Klybeck, Matthäus, Rosenthal, Hirzbrunnen, Wettstein, Clara and Breite districts extend along the right bank of the Rhine. Together with the municipalities of Bettingen and Riehen, the districts cover an area of 37 square kilometres and form the canton of Basel-City. At the beginning of the 1970s, 238,000 people lived in Basel. In the 80s and 90s, the population declined steadily. In 2000, 166,558 inhabitants were registered in Basel. Since the turn of the millennium there has been a steady increase. In September 2018, the population of the Canton of Basel City exceeded the 200,000 inhabtitants-mark for the first time.

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When choosing a moving company in Basel, people often rely on recommendations or study the services offered by various providers. It is therefore difficult to assess the providers from their own experience. And recommendations made by friends and acquaintances for moving companies in Basel may already be out of date. Moving to Basel is not an everyday service. Who knows all Swiss moving companies and can assess their quality with certainty? We support you and ensure transparency. With MoveAgain you can calmly orient yourself to the market and decide which moving company to use in Basel.

What are the advantages of a moving company?

Professional moving company in Basel have trained employees, well prepared for the physical challenges of moving furniture. People can often underestimate the physical strain associated with carrying and lifting heavy things. Even if friends step in to help - a moving in Basel organised by professional moving helpers is easier, quicker and smoother. If you leave the transport of heavy furniture and household appliances to real moving professionals, they can concentrate on organisational tasks and ensure that the move runs smoothly. In addition to monitoring the transport, their service also includes handing over the apartment.

Rental prices in Basel districts

In 2017, the city of St. Gallen charged 22.90 Swiss francs per square metre. The population increase in Basel is currently 0.7% per year which results in increased demand for a living space. Large local companies are also contributing to the price increase by helping their employees find housing and often providing them with financial support. The city's convenient location and a wide range of cultural attractions have triggered a new Basel trend and an increase in Basel rents in recent years. Apartments in the Old Town quarter of Grossbasel are particularly in demand. A rent of 1,810 Swiss francs has to be paid for a 70 sqm 3-room apartment. The cheapest apartment of this size is still available in the Kleinhüningen and Klybeck districts in the north of the city. Near the Rhine port, a rent of around 1,400 Swiss francs is charged.

Rental prices in Basel:

Size 1 room 2 rooms 3 rooms 4 rooms 5 rooms
Basel-Stadt CHF 690 CHF 1037 CHF 1260 CHF 1640 CHF 2079
Basel-Landschaft CHF 682 CHF 1049 CHF 1279 CHF 1600 CHF 2008

Source: Stadt Basel

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To make it easier to choose a moving company, MoveAgain offers you all the facts and background you need for your decision. With our support you will quickly find the right moving company for your move. Our valuable experience in working with qualified partner companies makes the move to Basel an easier task. Numerous customers use the MoveAgain service and profit from the smooth and hassle-free move. In the smartphone age, booking a move online is even easier, and with our move calculator you can keep track of the costs for your move to Basel.

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MoveAgain price list

Apartment (inner city up to 40k) Moving price Move out cleaning price
1 room CHF 550 CHF 450
2 rooms CHF 850 CHF 459
3 rooms CHF 1250 CHF 790
4 rooms CHF 1550 CHF 940
5 rooms CHF 1950 CHF 1100

Checklist: How moving works with MoveAgain

A moving checklist helps you not to forget any points and to do everything in the right order. Don't start creating the checklist too late, take time to decide for the best offer. A renovation of the old apartment and measures to be carried out for the new apartment can be planned weeks in advance. By hiring a moving company, you gain time for planning all the tasks associated with the move. Also put on the checklist all tasks which can be done at the new place of residence, for example registration with the residents' registration office.

Moving is always an exciting undertaking, especially in a diverse city like Basel. With good preparation and the help of MoveAgain's move planner, the move goes smoothly.

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