Moving from Zurich to Chur

Chur is currently experiencing  increase in popularity, especially among students. The University of Applied Sciences Graubünden offers exciting training opportunities. For those who do not want to commute are considering moving to Chur: What do you need to know? We can help you!

Moving from Zurich to Chur

The rental prices in Chur are much cheaper compared to the city of Zurich. The costs for a 1-room apartment are around CHF 750. In the city of Zurich, one rather has to expect approximately 1’000 CHF for the same apartment. You can find more information about the rental prices in Chur here.

What else should you consider when moving from Zurich to Chur?

If you own a car you have to have it transferred to the new canton of residence. After moving, you have 14 days to deregister at the old road traffic office and register at the Graubünden road traffic office. You will need the following documents to get a GR number plate:

  • “Registration for vehicle registration” form
  • The previous vehicle registration document
  • The new insurance certificate

What do you have to consider regarding taxes?

Swiss tax law stipulates that the entire annual contribution should be paid in the new canton of residence. Accordingly, the tax claims of the Canton of Zurich expire for the current year. If you have already paid a part of your taxes, you will be refunded by the old canton of residence (Zurich).

Registering and deregistering with the old and new municipality

As soon as you arrive in Chur you have to register with the city and present the certificate of residence and the insurance certificate of the current health insurance company. You have 14 days to complete registration. In addition, you must also deregister with your old municipality in the canton of Zurich. The same deadline also applies here.

In addition to the instances mentioned above, your current insurance companies must also be notified of your move. A move from Zurich to Chur may result in a change in the insurance premium. In most cases, however, it remains the same.

If you have any questions about your move from Zurich to Chur, we are also available by telephone at any time. On MoveAgain you can book your move to Chur online and receive a free quote within a few minutes!

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