Winter garden ready for summer!

If the sun shows up a little more frequently, you cannot ignore dirty windows. It’s time to get rid of the accumulated dirt and make the conservatory fit for spring and summer!

You should thoroughly clean your conservatory at least twice a year: At the beginning of the year to remove the winter dirt and at the end of the year to prepare the garden for the cold season ahead. However, the high glass walls and glass roofs make this a challenging task.

Window cleaning

Self-cleaning glass is particularly suitable for modern conservatories, especially on the roof. These have a specific surface coating to which the dirt can hardly stick. A distinction is made between hydrophobic and hydrophilic, i.e. water-repellent and water-loving, coatings. The effect is always the same: the (rain) water washes the dirt off the glasses.

The best time to do this is on a cloudy day when you can reach for a towel yourself. Lukewarm water and a shot of vinegar essence or spirit are ideal for cleaning the window glass. Then you can use a rubber squeegee or newspaper to dry the windows. If you don’t want to use any cleaning products at all, you can work with two different types of cloth: a cloth with a coarse structure to remove dirt and a dry, smooth one for polishing. To reach a particularly high position, it is best to use a suitable telescopic style.

Window profiles

Avoid using strong detergents for cleaning the window frames. These can make the rubber porous or cause staining. Lukewarm water with a shot of washing-up liquid is best. Be careful not to use microfibre cloths, as these can leave scratches on the surface or roughen it.

Cleaning of the sun cover & the rain gutter

Before extending the sun cover for the first time, check whether dirt such as leaves has collected in the running rails and remove it. When cleaning the canopy, extend it bit by bit and wash it off. It is important that the fabric is completely dry before you retract it. You should also pay attention to the information and instructions of the manufacturer.

The cleaning of the cover is very time-consuming, so it can be done if necessary. However, you should take immediate action in the case of bird droppings, as otherwise there is a risk of them being burnt into the fabric. If it is still fresh, you can wipe it off directly with a moist cloth. If it has already dried, soak it in water and vinegar or detergent. Then take the damp cloth again and wipe it off.

The rain gutter should also be checked twice a year so that rainwater can drain away efficiently. A rain gutter heating system can help especially in winter. Normally this consists of a simple heating wire. In the cold season, the snow and ice melts and prevents clogging of the gutter.

Professional cleaning

The cleaning of your conservatory is not completely harmless, which is why the support of a professional company is recommended. They have the necessary equipment to safely clean even the most inaccessible areas. On MoveAgain you will not only find partners for your move and final cleaning: Our partners are also happy to take over the cleaning of your conservatory. Give us your address and the size of your garden and receive offers from professional cleaning companies in your immediate vicinity. In three easy steps you can book the session for your conservatory to be fit for the summer!

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