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The whole story began in 2017 when Mladjan Filipovic moved out of his former apartment. Excited and tense – looking forward to his new home, but still nervous about all the things he might have forgotten. With lots of unanswered questions, for which he found an even greater number of answers on the Internet. But whom should he trust?

Today – almost three years later – there is one platform for moving in this situation: In three easy steps you can get a quote for your upcoming move or more out cleaning on the online platform. Your moving or cleaning project will be completed very quickly and if you have any questions or uncertainties, the team will be at your side. Since Mladjan founded the start-up, the Management team now counts three more people under its roof: COO Christoph Rogge, CEO Alex Renner and CTO Srdjan Cosic. Together, they ensure the financing of the company and make decisions around the online platform in order to continuously improve it. The team is supported by the consultant Mina Ilic. She is responsible for the product, the service, and coordinates the cooperation between the management and the IT team.

This IT team, consisting of Denis, Dusan and Stefan, will ensure that your visit to the website runs smoothly. In close cooperation with CTO Srdjan, they take care of the technical implementation of the above mentioned decisions in order to continuously improve the platform. This includes the implementation of new features during the booking process to make it even easier and more practical for you to use.

Once your request has been received by for the first time, it will be forwarded directly to our Sales team which is led by Ufuk Alpaslan. Together with Robert Reger, Pascal Jauch and Stefan Jovic all customer enquiries are handled efficiently. Personal contact is particularly important to the team. Based on your details, they will prepare an offer, taking your individual wishes into account. Afterwards the Operations Team, consisting of Head of Operations Maik Adam as well as Lisa Thell and Hasna El Allaly, will take care of you. The three of them check the offer to make sure it is complete and then coordinate the cooperation with the external partners. Whether it is a moving or cleaning company: Maik, Hasna and Lisa know the best and most reliable companies in the region.

In the meantime you have confirmed your offer and the preparations for your move are fully organised by Now all you need to do is pack your boxes! Unless you have also booked this service on How easy and hassle-free moving can be these days – unlike three years ago.

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