Moving at Christmas/New Year’s: Wind out why it’s a good idea to move during these holidays

Christmas is approaching, this year is coming to its end. During this time, very few people think of moving. But right now, you should think about moving to your new home! We’ll give you a few good reasons to move on Christmas.

Quiet streets

Swiss roads are relatively quiet, especially during the holidays. Most of the people spend their time with their families and don’t take a step outside the door. That’s why you should move right now! With MoveAgain you can move stress-free and enjoy Christmas to the full.

Sure, on December 25th it will be difficult to find a suitable moving helper. Between Christmas and New Year, however, our moving assistants will work again and can guide you through the streets of Zurich, Bern, Basel etc. as quickly as possible.

More time & less stress

Swiss law grants employees a free moving day. This day should be on the 24th December. This leaves three full days to move into the new apartment. Therefore, you still have time to enjoy your holidays.

Another possibility would be to move before the New Year, i.e. on the 31st of December. You get your day off on the last day before New Year’s and can celebrate the old year with a housewarming party for your friends.

Benefit from the Christmas spirit

The contemplative time usually lets people relax a little. The new neighbours might even help you to move. You would make contacts with neighbours and settle into your new apartment. Attention: December 25th and 26th is a holiday. You should avoid dragging around a lot on these days. The 24th of December is the best day for moving, because you can settle into your new flat during the following 2 holidays.

Make yourself a gift

A nice idea to wake up in your new apartment on the Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve. Admittedly: You probably won’t be able to put up the Christmas tree again this year. But moving to a new flat is pretty exciting! Don’t you think?

So, on December 25th and 26th, the roughest one should already be done. You should use this time to find your way around the new apartment. Store clothes, books on the shelf or cutlery in the kitchen. For those who don’t want to move over Christmas, the time between Christmas and New Year offers another alternative.

Between the holidays, many Swiss people are in the mountains or somewhere else on holiday. The streets remain relatively quiet even at this time. So, if you don’t necessarily want to move at Christmas, you can postpone the move to the period between Christmas and New Year.

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