Painting before moving out


Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? When moving into new apartment, it is often necessary to get the old apartment back in shape before the landlord agrees to the handover. Standard procedure always requires a new coat of paint on the old apartment. Is it worth taking a risk and doing it yourself, or should you rather hire a professional?

Am I obliged to do so?

Before you take the risk, you should check your rental contract thoroughly and only carry out the work that is explicitly required. You can assume that the apartment must be brought into the condition in which you found it at the beginning. It is also likely that over time there will be some new stains which would now have to be removed.

In addition to a new coat of paint, you must also fill in any holes you have made and paint them accordingly. These must no longer be visible at the time of delivery.

How difficult is it to it yourself?

It is not easy to remove stains from the wall, although it might seem like that. Anyone who has ever had to paint a wall knows that the shade of the newly applied paint is rarely visible without a trace. The reason for this is the sunlight, which makes the paint fade over time. White paint can also fade and becomes increasingly grey over time.

In most cases you have no choice but to repaint the entire wall so that no transitions are visible.

Should you hire a professional?

Now it is up to you to decide whether or not you are confident to get the job done. However, landlord will expect that everything looks exactly as when you first moved it. This means that you must be able to paint the wall evenly. If you think that might be a risk, it is advisable to hire a professional.

How expensive is a professional painter?

Basically, you have to calculate about 1000 Euros for painting the old rental apartment (approx. 30 square meters). However, the costs can vary. The price of this painting work depends on various factors.

  • Hourly wage of the painter
  • Condition of the walls of your old rental apartment
  • Desired color (generally white is the most favorable)
  • Number of coats required to remove all blemishes
  • Additional expenditure of the painter (travel, masking, plastering etc.)

Painting work during the move can generate more effort than initially assumed. It is therefore important to identify potential risks early on. You should also take a look behind your furniture, as it may have left scratches on the interior during the original furnishing.

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