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A move to Lucerne is worthwhile: Lucerne is located on Lake Lucerne and has 81,000 inhabitants. As the capital of the Canton of Lucerne, the city is the cultural centre of Central Switzerland. Lucerne's attractiveness and quality of life are also enhanced by the favourable taxation of companies and employees.

Moving to Lucerne

In 2017, the city of Lucerne recorded 81,401 inhabitants. Of these number, 41.5% moved to the city after 2007. Most newcomers are attracted to the inner city district. Nearly 19,000 people from Lucerne choose city centre as their desired place to live. The left side of the lake also has a high population density with 16,000 inhabitants. The city district of Linkes Reussufer is less in demand. The least populated district is Littau: 7,700 inhabitants live on its 13 square kilometres. The city of Lucerne offers employees 60,000 full-time jobs. The median income in Lucerne rose by 13.6% to 55,270 Swiss francs from 2005 to 2015. The good employment opportunity and income prospects are the main reasons why many people move to Central Switzerland and why apartments in the city of Lucerne are in such high demand.

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Lucerne is divided into two districts: Lucerne and Littau. The district of Lucerne consists of five quarters: Right lakeside, right bank of the river Reuss, city centre, left lakeside and left bank of the river Reuss. The Inner City and Right Bank on the river Reuss districts consist of five quarters while all other districts have four quarters. The Littau district also has four quarters. The attractive location on Lake Lucerne makes the city more desirable, but sometimes also extends the distances. Those who move from the Sternmatt/Hochrüti or Unterlachen/Tribschen districts to the other lakeside of Wesemlin/Dreilinden or Würzenbach/Schädrüti will only reach their destination via the Langensandbrücke and Schweizerhofquai. Moving companies in Lucerne are of course very familiar with the situation and know where detours are imminent and which route will bring your belongings safely and quickly to their destination.

What are the advantages of a moving company?

Do we want to manage the move to Lucerne ourselves, with friends as moving helpers? Or should we hire a moving company in Lucerne? This is the most common question regarding a move to Lucerne. Don't underestimate the expense for renting transport, reserving parking spaces and recruiting moving helpers. Privately organised move requires much more than that. It is not only heavy furniture and bulky household appliances that need to be moved.

Moving boxes can also take on a considerable weight. Finally, documents and books also need to be transported into the new apartment. Exercise bikes, computers and televisions should be transported with caution when moving to Lucerne. A moving company in Lucerne have professional experience in the transport of valuable goods and treats them with special care. If you hire moving professionals you will enjoy the stress-free move!

Rental prices in Lucerne districts

Compared to other cantons such as Zurich and Basel, Lucerne is still quite cheap to live in. Rents are moderate, especially in the districts of Linkes Reussufer and Littau. Overall, rents in the city of Lucerne fell by 1.1% in 2018. There is less demand, especially for apartments in the upper price segment. Cheaper apartments are still in demand and therefore quickly rented. In the canton of Lucerne, tenants pay an average of 15 Swiss francs per square metre - below the Swiss average of 15.80 CHF/sqm and well below the 30 CHF/sqm demanded in Geneva for one square metre of living space.

Rental prices in Lucerne:

District 1 room 2 rooms 3 rooms 4 rooms 5 rooms
Rental price CHF 722 CHF 1259 CHF 1449 CHF 1796 CHF 2148

Source: Stadt Luzern

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4 rooms CHF 1550 CHF 940
5 rooms CHF 1950 CHF 1100

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