The 7 most important questions for Swiss moving companies

  1. What are the advantages of a moving company?
  2. What are the moving costs when hiring a moving company?
  3. When do I have to contact moving company?
  4. How to find the best moving companies in Switzerland?
  5. Checklist for a moving company
  6. Which Swiss cities have MoveAgain

How much does a move cost?

Statistically, people move very often. Within Switzerland, 400,000 households move every year. Nevertheless, a move still represents a challenge. It all starts with the following question: Should you hire a moving company or organise move by yourself?

Small households and young people in particular often rely on the help of relatives, neighbors and friends. If, on the other hand, you involve other moving helpers, you would have to pay a regular salary. An amount of CHF 40 per hour per person is a realistic estimate. Of course, a flat fee can also be negotiated. Here is an exemplary list of moving costs:

Vehicle rental: 100 CHF

Rent sack truck and lashing straps: 50 CHF

Fuel (100 km): 20 CHF

Catering for moving helpers: 100 CHF

Parking reservation: 100 CHF

Small material: 30 CHF

Those who organise DIY move, often manage with 400 CHF. Various factors can help you decide if it is better to hire a moving company.

  1. What are the advantages of a moving company?

People often underestimate the physical exertion associated with a move. Lifting all those boxes and heavy furniture is a heavy duty to fall on your shoulders. The risk of accidents is further increased if there are a lot of staircases. Those who want to prevent strains or worse injuries are on the safe side when commissioning a moving company. Older people should leave the relocation to the professionals of a moving company. A professional moving company is fully familiar with the logistics of a move and ensures a smooth process. Hiring a moving company has its advantages:

  • Avoiding heavy lifting
  • More time to focus on other important tasks
  • No straining muscles or injury
  • Friends and family are spared
  • Professional handling of your belongings

While the moving professionals take care of the actual move, the client can take care of communication with residents or neighbours, prepare the remaining boxes or give the moving personnel useful tips.

  1. What are the moving costs when hiring a moving company?

Average cost for moving company depends not only on the transport volume but also on other factors. Costs are driven up by narrow stairwells, rooms that are difficult to access or are blocked, and parking distance to the building entrance. How much does the move cost? Based on average values, we offer the following assumptions: moving from a one-and-a-half room apartment costs around CHF 700. If you move out of a 3.5-room apartment, you pay 1,350 francs. An apartment with 5.5 or more rooms costs more than 2,000 francs. You can find more information on MoveAgain website.

  1. When do I have to contact moving company?

You should start planning your move three months in advance. A checklist can be used to determine which activities are to be carried out at which intervals. One of the things that need to be sorted out early is which belongings should you get rid of. In most cases, items which are not often needed can be given away or disposed before the move. If you manage to reduce number of belongings, you can also reduce the overall cost substantially.

Similarly, you should select moving company and book your appointment three months before the moving date. Be aware that most of the people are moving at the end of the month, in order to save on paying double rent at the old and new location. Therefore, moving company are usually the busiest at this time of the month. If you manage to organise your move closer to middle of the month, you can often arrange a more favourable price. Planning in advance gives the contract partners enough time to inspect the rooms, clear out the junk and order packaging material.

  1. How to find the best moving companies in Switzerland?

A platform like makes it easier to find the right moving company and compare costs. Cooperation with selected partner companies ensures that the move runs smoothly. The move planner on makes your move a project easy to plan. When selecting a moving company, you can also choose additional services such as move out cleaning, which is offered by companies cooperating with the platform. A checklist ensures that nothing is forgotten. The partners offer relocation and move out cleaning for the cities of Zurich, Zug, Basel, Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne and St. Gallen.

  1. Checklist for a moving company

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when moving and in particular when hiring a moving company, a checklist has proven to be a good idea. A move can be divided into three phases: before the move, on the day of the move and after the move. The checklist includes the following points:

Before your move

Search for moving companies and moving costs

Selection according to criteria such as:

– Range of services – Consultation and inspection – Experiences and evaluations of other customers – Obtain offers from selected moving companies – Contact and advice – Selection of the service package – Appointment (3 months before moving date)

Moving day

  • Welcome and briefing
  • Last steps and hints (labelling, pointing out fragile goods)
  • Provide rations
  • Tipping for good work

After your move

  • Checking moving goods, old and new apartments for damage
  • Complaint in case of damage
  • Settlement with the moving company

7. Which Swiss cities have MoveAgain?

MoveAgain has local partners in almost all major Swiss cities. Whether you are looking for a moving company in Bern or a company in Zurich, you will find what you are looking for on our website.

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