Tips & Tricks for New Year’s cleaning

Jeune couple nettoie salon après Noël
Young family cleaning apartment after christmas party

Each year after Christmas, we are celebrating the turn of the year and the beginning of a new one.

During this time, many people think about their goals and wishes for the new year and set their resolutions. A good resolution that is also easy to implement is making your home free of dirt, junk, dust and cobwebs.

Cleaning before or after New Year is an old tradition that is practised in many different countries and cultures. In China, for example, it is customary to do the New Year’s cleaning before the New Year (which does not take place in China until 12 February). The idea is to get rid of dirt, junk and all the things you no longer need and make room for the good things of the new year.

For the Persian New Year and Spring Festival (“Nowruz”), which traditionally takes place on 20 March, the deep cleaning of the home (including washing the carpets and the floor) should also be done before the turn of the year, so that everything is ready for the New Year.

In Japan, New Year’s cleaning is also done in the old year, the most important part of the cleaning ritual is the “Susuharai”, which aims to remove dust and is carried out both at home and in the office.

Below is a short checklist to motivate and inspire you to make your home shine in the new year:

1) Cleaning plan

Before you start the new year, it’s worth making a cleaning plan for the next 12 months. Whether you live with friends or family, a cleaning plan is always a good idea to make sure that one person doesn’t do all the housework alone. 

2) Wallpaper change

A change of colour or wallpaper can do wonders. Everyone has experienced this: a room that is more of a storage space than a living space. With a new coat of paint, these rooms can be transformed in the blink of an eye and become your favourite room all of a sudden!

3) Letting go of old things

The age of the collecting things is done – stockpiling is out, minimalism is in style. In almost every household there is dust catcher that is no longer used and therefore no longer needed. Clearing out old items and clothes can be very liberating and at the same time make room for new (beautiful) things. If larger items or furniture need to be disposed of, MoveAgain will be happy to help you dispose your belongings.

4) Clean household – clean environment

Favourable price and cleaning power alone are no longer convincing; cleaning products should be ecologically sustainable and harmless to health. In the meantime, there are numerous companies that have specialised in offering environmentally conscious alternatives. The new year offers a good opportunity to look through one’s own range of cleaning products, to gradually switch to ecologically sustainable alternatives and to part with the toxic chemicals in the home. 

5) Clean textiles

Vacuuming floors, dusting, cleaning windows… all these things are regular parts of house cleaning during the year. But what about curtains, carpets, sofa covers and decorative cushions? These things are often forgotten, even though we come into contact with them every day. The New Year is a good opportunity to take down all curtains and textile covers and wash them thoroughly in the washing machine. This is not possible with carpets, but you can purchase special cleaning agents for this purpose.

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